Live Chat


  • Live chats will run each evening from 8-9pm, Monday to Thursday between 6th-17th November.
  • Engineers free during this time will be online for you to talk to.
  • Refresh this page until you can see the live chat, it usually opens 5 minutes before it’s due to start.
  • Click on the @name of each engineer to send them a question directly.
  • Read more about the engineers by reading their profiles- click their photo at the top of the page.
  • You need to register a username to type in the chat. Create your username here
  • If you have a username but can’t type in the chat, check that you’re logged in. If you still have issues email
  • This goes nearly without saying, but please don’t write in capital letters or spam. Any abusive messages will be deleted and the user banned from using the site.

Remember to ASK more questions after the chat.