• Question: How do you come up with these clever ideas?

    Asked by rgirishdance to Rhys, Rach, Priyanka, Omar, Olivia, Miriam, Mark, Kayleigh, Katie, Emma, Eleanor, Craig, Andy, Alya on 24 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Andy Woods

      Andy Woods answered on 24 Nov 2017:

      Personally I look at how other people have solved other similar problems elsewhere and use that knowledge with my own to solve a problem.

    • Photo: Emma Grayshon

      Emma Grayshon answered on 24 Nov 2017:

      Through experience, both my own and other people’s!

    • Photo: Olivia Stodieck

      Olivia Stodieck answered on 24 Nov 2017:

      knowledge, experience and creativity!

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 27 Nov 2017:

      By coming up with lots and lots of ideas, most of them are bad or dull but a couple here and there are clever. Parts can generally go through 50-80 different sketches and models and ideas before we find the “right” one. It’s remembering that the bad ideas aren’t failures, they’re just part of the path to the good ideas.