• Question: Did u always want to be an engineer?

    Asked by Penny on 6 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Emma Grayshon

      Emma Grayshon answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      Hi! You know, I always liked project work. Working out what a problem was and then working out how it might be fixed or dealt with. Well, that is engineering in a nutshell I guess. I also always liked building things, creating things since being a young child. So, I think I did want to be an engineer when I was younger but it probably became more obvious once I got to secondary school and I joined an engineering club after school. 🙂

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      No, I didn’t know what I wanted to do at University until I was about 17. I liked a mixture of art subjects and science/maths and I wanted to keep doing bits of both. I thought about being an architect for a bit. I was quite a bookish kid but I chose Resistant Materials GCSE and Product Design A level because I enjoyed being in the workshop and making stuff. At A level my teachers explained that Product Design Engineering is a career where I could keep doing this and keep that creative/technical mix. It really appealed. My parents didn’t know what Product Design Engineering was initially, but they’ve always been really supportive of me doing what I want to in life. Some of my teachers in other subjects really wanted to encourage me into “academic” profession but I think that’s a misconception about Engineering, it’s actually a really varied subject so you can go into aspects of it with lots of intellectual meatiness and scientific method (if that is your thing). I’m so glad I did do it, because it’s a career that suits my interests and my personality down to the ground, and it brings me a lot of happiness.

    • Photo: Kayleigh Messer

      Kayleigh Messer answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      No, when I young I wanted to be a vet to help animals but when my dog died realised I couldn’t cope with the upsetting parts of the job!

      I then didn’t know what I wanted to do until I was half way through my A Levels and looking at university degrees, and that’s when I came across motorsport engineering degrees so decided to do that!

    • Photo: Andy Woods

      Andy Woods answered on 10 Nov 2017:

      I wanted to be a pilot but I’m colour blind so can’t fly professionally. I then wanted to be an engineer. I studied medical engineering at University but found it difficult to get a job. I ended up in the railway by accident but I find it complicated, difficult and fascinating!