Meet the engineers in Live CHATs, 8-9pm

“Are driverless cars safe?” “What sort of skills make a for a good engineer?”

“Is engineering suitable for anyone?” “Will we be able to swap from petrol to renewables in just 20 years?”

Each evening, parents and carers can have conversations with a group of engineers in the Future Transport Zone drop-in Live CHATs. Chats are an informal way to meet each other, get answers to questions about engineering, and delve deeper into the work of each engineer. Click the CHAT icon in the top menu to go to the chat page from anywhere in the zone.

The live chat page is open from 8-9pm, Monday to Thursday, until November 16th.

Live chats are text only, like Whatsapp groups messages but engineering-focused and without pictures of other peoples pets.


Please comment below with which evenings you can be online. If you’d like to join all or part of the drop-in chats, please comment below to say so, e.g. ‘Hi, I’ll be there on Monday and Wednesday from 8.15 :)’.  There will be a moderator in the chat at all times to help it run smoothly.

Parents and carers:

Check the comments below to see which engineers are planning to be in the chats. Take a look through these engineers’ profiles and log in any time between 8-9pm, Monday to Thursday, to chat with them here:

Remember, to chat you’ll need a username for the Future Transport Zone. Create your username here

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13 Responses to Meet the engineers in Live CHATs, 8-9pm

  1. andywoods says:

    I should be live Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday this week. Sadly I can’t make Monday for the whole time as I have a Running Club Committee Meeting this week. (Engineers can do other things too 🙂 )

  2. hollymiller says:

    I will be online Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week.

  3. oliviastodieck says:

    Hi, I’ll be online every night Monday to Thursday this week.

  4. rhysphillips says:

    Hi there,

    I can do the 8pm chat:
    – Mon 6th
    – Tue 7th (possibly – I land at 7:50pm in Germany so it will depend on Airport wifi)
    – Thu 9th
    – Mon 13th
    – Tue 14th
    – Wed 15th (tentative – awaiting schedule for a training day I’m on)
    – Thu 16th


  5. rachelbennett says:

    This week I should be available all days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

    Next week I will be there Monday and Wednesday.

  6. eleanorrogers says:

    Hi, I’ll be online on:
    Tue 7th
    Wed 8th
    Mon 13th
    Wed 15th
    Looking forward to it!

  7. priyankadhopade says:

    I’ll be online
    – Thurs the 9th
    – Mon the 13th
    – Tues the 14th
    – Wed the 15th

    Hope to see you there!

  8. kayleighmesser says:


    I’m online tonight and will hopefully get able to pop in on Thursday 9th.

    Next week I should be able to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

  9. emmagrayshon says:

    Hi, I was on last night but completely missed tonight due to being late in from work.
    I should be online tomorrow night and also Tues, weds, Thurs next week…..

  10. nicjackson says:

    hi when are you going live

  11. modkatie says:

    Hi nicjackson, live chats are 8pm-9pm Mon-Thurs. We hope to see you dropping by! In the meantime, feel free to post some questions to the engineers using ASK.

  12. eleanorrogers says:

    Hi, I’m really sorry, I’m not going to be able to make tonight’s chat any more. But I really enjoy seeing your questions, please send them to me with the Ask button instead. Thanks! Ele

  13. oliviastodieck says:

    Hi all, yes, I can make the chat tonight. Sorry, the last few days were a bit hectic on my side so didn’t manage to log on 🙂

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