Who’s taking part?

Future Transport Zone

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering

All schools offered places in I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer UK will be able to give the parents and carers of their students access to this zone.

The Engineers

Rhys Phillips | Airbus

I look at how to protect aeroplanes against lightning strikes

Rachel Bennett | Arcadis Consulting

I help design the things that make the trains run

Priyanka Dhopade | University of Oxford

Jet engines get hot; the bits inside can break or melt; I make sure they don’t.

Omar Mustufvi | Jaguar Landrover

 I work for Jaguar Land Rover designing the vehicles of the future- Hybrids.

Olivia Stodieck | University of Bristol

 I’m using new composite materials to design the aircraft wings of the future, to make aircraft more efficient and eco-friendly.

Miriam Ricci | University of the West of England

I’m involved in a variety of different projects around new technologies in transport, including the VENTURER  autonomous vehicle trial in Bristol

Mark Ellis | Johnson Matthey Battery Systems

I design high power lithium-ion batteries for use in electric cars on the road and the racetrack.

Kayleigh Messer | Renault Sports Racing

I’m a Performance Optimisation Section Leader, performing laptime simulations before every race

Katie Plant | University of Southampton

My work investigates human-machine interactions and how we design better machines and systems to support optimal human performance.

Holly Miller | Jaguar Land Rover

I help write the processes to build cars and check the parts will go together.

Emma Grayshon | Consultant working with Leeds College of Building and the Open University

I design new roads, help old roads to work and try to help people walk and cycle more.

Eleanor Sherwen | Brompton Bicycles

I am a design engineer for Brompton and I make folding bikes, including our new electric bike.

Craig Allison |University of Southampton

I work to reduce the amount of fuel people use when driving their cars, saving drivers money and protecting our environment.

 Andy Woods | Siemens Rail Automation

I work in a team that designs systems to drive trains automatically.

Alya Shahroom | Bombardier Transportation

I am an Electrical Engineer and my working area is developing an advance train design takes into consideration current demand and requirements.

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